Garden Decking

Timber decking can be an extremely useful and attractive aspect of your garden. With safe, secure and long lasting garden decking from KD Joiners you can be sure you’re getting a quality product from a decking supplier and fitter with years of experience in the timber industry.

Our decking process:

step 1 - KD Joiners clear the site

 KD Joiners clear the site and markout uUsing a scaled plan of your deck, we will mark out it’s position and clear the site of all vegetation.

step 2 - level your site

Level and compact the surface.

step 3 - lay your foundations

using concrete pads to support the deck, we dig out a cube of soil
300mm x 300mm x 450mm deep (12″x12″x18″) and fill with concrete.

Old paving slabs may also be used, but for the most solid deck, We would recommend new concrete pads.

step 4 - laying your decking joists

Once your support posts have set, We lay your network of joists on top of these, checking they are all level with each other (following the required slope) using a spirit level as you go.

To ensure the structure can support each deck board adequately,
position your joists approx 400 mm (16”) apart.

step 5 - laying deck boards

Lay out the decking boards at right angles to the joists. Check at this stage that the joists do not sag or bow under your weight. At this point, you must add more supports if necessary.

Once you are happy and have cut any boards slightly oversize to fit.

step 6 - spacing & nailing deck boards

We ensure the gaps remain constant between your boards. Stagger
the joints so no continuous breaks occur across the deck.

We use galvanised nails or stainless steel countersunk screws to secure each decking board in place, using at least two in each joist position.